Leads. Prospects. Suspects. If conversion and revenue generation is one of the main goals of your advertising strategy, it’s very important to have a B2B web design. Here in Web Design Jeddah, our websites are crafted around converting and capturing leads.

In this Post, we will take a look at lots and various ways to make sure your website is ready to convert its new visitors into new leads, and then clients.

We all know that every business today needs a website, not just to advertise their business, their products or services but to also allow the company generate new sales opportunities and increase its revenue.

But where should we start? What should we improve ?

Many options available to business owners and managers when they’re looking to crave a new website that the information it contains can often be confusing.

To allow you to understand what you need to know when creating a brand new website for your business.

Here’s how to get started… and a whole lot more.

Who will visit our new designed website?

What’s on this pages and content in it?

The objectives of a new site for your business.

How many pages will your new website need?

How do you generate revenue on your site?

What’s the budget?

Any costs for hosting?

How about mails?

What is the expected traffic?

“If you do have the allowance to look at an old website data and use this to define new objectives for your new website design, this will allow you to make decisions way faster and smarter, when in comes to the new website’s design, functionality and content are very important as well as marketing budgets.”


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